Cruise Agents

Successful cruising is all about giving passengers an unforgettable, stress-free sailing experience. MADURO SHIPPING goes beyond cruise agency to take care of everything your vessels might need

Extensive experience

With over 175 years of maritime heritage and a network spanning the world, MADURO SHIPPING has what it takes to meet the needs of the cruise majors and special interest operators in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaҫao. Our long experience has equipped us with in-depth understanding of the unique complexities of cruise operations to offer customized services and support that translate into seamless port calls.

Complete cruise package

Thanks to our extensive shipping and logistics expertise, our core services range from port & immigration clearances, berth booking management, husbandry services, baggage handling, and supplies of bunkers, spares and provisions, through to liaison with local tour operators and domestic transport. Such complementary integrated services have become the MADURO SHIPPING’s hallmark, as we aim to deliver value to your operations. Further efficiencies can be gained from specialized services such as hub agency for management of multiple port calls with centralized accounting, global dock-to-deck ship spares logistics, safe navigation using weather solutions and even hull cleaning and maritime security services.

Local expertise

MADURO SHIPPING’s emphasis on local knowledge and contacts, planning and efficiency gives us the in-depth local knowledge needed to ensure maximum impact and minimum fuss. We provide advice and guidance to itinerary planners to plot optimum locations and routes for local sightseeing, hotel accommodation, home-port or turnaround potential. At Aruba, Bonaire and Curaҫao, we partner with local travel specialists to provide memorable travel experiences ranging from local excursions, safaris to diving trips and spa treatments for passengers. Planning is crucial for trouble-free cruising. MADURO SHIPPING cruise operations focus on advance information with respect to berth reservations, immigration requirements and security recommendations, as well as more near-term arrangements prior to vessels arrival.


Curaçao’s cruise terminals provide adequate facilities to embark and disembark passengers. Over many years different lines have used the facilities to board their ships for safe travels, due to a good infrastructural connection between the seaport and the airport and a top-notch hospitality industry on the island. The MV Freewinds started its home-port operations 25 years ago on Curaçao and still uses Willemstad as its embarking port. Pullmantur Cruises, with its Monarch vessel, can be boarded from Willemstad, Curaçao and continues to other destinations before returning to Curaçao. The vessel currently calls the port of Curaçao on a weekly basis.

Customs & Immigration

Customs and Immigration offices are conveniently available at both the Mega Pier and Mathey Wharf Terminals. Passengers embarking the Monarch from our terminals can check in from 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and need to present a valid passport and the booking reservation with the cabin number. Passengers that disembark in Curaçao will have to pick up their luggage at the terminal and pass through Immigration and Customs for inspection.

Time and cost efficiency

Our established working relationships with the relevant authorities and contacts in the local cruise industry help smooth the way for efficient immigration clearance for passengers and crew. This has helped to facilitating advance immigration clearance and enabling passengers to disembark and enjoy their shore side experience without delay.

  • Cruise agency
  • Marine logistics & storage
  • Visa suliliort
  • Medical assistance
  • Grouli transliort
  • Sulilily of lirovisions / F&B
  • Husbandry & crew welfare
  • Itinerary lilanning advice
  • Hull cleaning solution
  • Medical assistance
  • Grouli transliort
  • Berth booking management