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Logistics is all about deadlines. Customers want their goods yesterday. Delivering them in good shape, on time and on budget is what we do. The MADURO Logistics equation of global reach, expertise, experience and deep knowledge of your business is the answer to your logistics challenges in the ABC Islands.

MADURO Logistics has been creatively developing and executing innovative solutions for diverse customers with unique needs. Our flexible, far-reaching logistics portfolio gives you the strategic advantage in today’s intensely competitive marketplace. Spanning the major trade lanes, our integrated network covers efficient multi-modal transport and gives you access to modern storage and transport facilities in our locations. All backed by robust technology for freight tracking through to warehouse management. MADURO Logistics means more than just expert coverage. We stand for end-to-end accountability, committed to quality, safety, security and compliance in everything we do. Our formalized approach and strict principles set the standard in many sectors. Whatever your logistics needs, our highly skilled teams do the math at local, national, regional and international level to grow your business. With MADURO SHIPPING as your strategic partner, you can make one call to us, then rest easy.

Pick and Mix Services

Air Freight

Getting your goods delivered fast and without compromising on price and services is what our global air freight service is all about. Partnerships with major carriers enable priority access and competitive rates

Sea Freight

Choose the best solution for your sea freight requirements worldwide from MADURO SHIPPING’s range of groupage (LCL) or full-container-load (FCL)

Crew and passenger services (In Port and Off Port Crew changes)

Meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore passes, travel arrangements, crew clearance, immigration services, permits, long stays, transportation etc.

Equipment rental

Fork lift, cranes, harbor tugs, barges, etc.

Slops and sludge removal

Alongside, via truck or off port via barge/boat

Ship Spares Logistics

Time is money, and we help you save both with single-source, door-to-deck deliveries of time-critical parts and spares. Anytime. Anywhere.

Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics

Oil and gas is tough business. One that needs flexible integrated solutions that meet stringent safety and quality standards. Time and money are precious. Logistics expertise, offshore support, agency services – it takes global coverage, experience, know-how and willpower because that’s what you demand.

Ship’s Chandler

Not only can we provide the usual technical and mechanical equipment and minor spare parts, but we can also provide a wide variety of fresh quality produce, meats, poultry, seafood, tropical flowers and plants. In addition bonded stores can be arranged. Also available: office supplies, certain chemicals, cleaning materials, etc. All of the above can be delivered in both small and large quantities in a proper time frame both alongside pier and/or shore.

Clearing & Forwarding

Clearance can be a headache. MADURO SHIPPING’s local experts provide the cure by guiding your goods through even the most complex of procedures efficiently with our local expertise and knowledge.

Land Transportation

MADURO SHIPPING’s transport fleet ranges from ambient and temperature-controlled trucks to heavy haulers, geared up to move anything from parcels to power stations. Big or small, over the road or overseas. Delivering goods is our specialty.

Project Logistics

Whether you’re looking to shift a single super-sized shipment or manage many for an ongoing project – by road, sea, air or all of the above, think MADURO SHIPPING. We’ve got what it takes to do the heavy lifting for you safely, efficiently and with minimum fuss. It takes a special kind of strength to deliver your project logistics needs. We have those muscles

Contract Logistics

Trust us with your warehousing and value-added operations to enjoy end-to-end service tailored to your needs, and free up your own resources to focus on your core business. With the proper equipment such as forklifts, mobile cranes, trailers, at our availability for container haulage, stripping and loading we assure a smooth turn-around service.

MADURO Logistics is more than just a service provider – we’re in the business to grow yours. As your strategic partner, beyond where you need us, we help you achieve what you set out to do. In the ABC Islands, you will find dedicated MADURO SHIPPING’s professionals ready and raring to deliver results that give your business the competitive edge.


MADURO SHIPPING is the only ship agent in Curacao with a bonded warehouse within harbor territory. Part of our warehouse is specially geared for warehousing of marine chemicals, lubricant oils, all handled by professional personnel.

Conditions for storage at Maduro warehouse

No excise goods such as liquor, beer, cigarettes, wines and goods of a dangerous or hazardous nature will be allowed storage

Maximum allowable time of storage is four months unless agreed upon a longer period of time between owner and lessor beforehand

In case of lengthy or prolonged storage, bills will be issued monthly. Non-payment of bills or violation of the conditions described under 2 could result in the auction of goods by the lessor whereby the lessor reserves the right, at that time, to retain the proceeds of sale.

Due to Customs and other requirements, notification by owner of redelivery out of storage is to be furnished to lessor at least 24 hours in advance. Requests for rush delivery within a period shorter than 24 hours will be attended to; however, in this case lessor should be held harmless of failure to deliver on time.

Although good care will be taken of the spares during storage, lessor cannot be held responsible for damages caused by, improper packaging and acts of God.

Project Logistics

Whatever your project needs, from single domestic delivery to complex multi-shipments, let MADURO SHIPPING do the heavy lifting for you.

Big projects mean big shipments. Whether it’s an offshore drilling platform, a power plant, a paper mill or a port development, they all need parts that are too big, too heavy, or too oddly shaped to fit into neat little packages for transportation. Moving such shipments takes skill, experience and the right equipment – MADURO SHIPPING provides the muscle to shoulder any project cargo movement end-to-end.

Total logistics capabilities

Drawing on our shipping, logistics and marine expertise, we offer flexible total packages for any project cargo requirements in turnkey projects. We can manage any sized project from single domestic delivery to complex, multi-shipment and multimodal project. Beyond standard freight forwarding within the Maduro Group of Companies, our complete transportation solutions start from detailed planning through to cost-efficient final delivery with strict Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) compliance.

Full package

Surveys & feasibility studies

Multi-modal transport

Full / part charter party

Towage & barge arrangements

Special equipment transport

Operations supervision

Stevedoring & terminal services

Forward planning & cargo handling method statements

Technical consulting

Track & trace

Today, our clients come from diverse sectors e.g. oil & gas, pulp & paper, automotive, construction, power & energy and ship equipment & supplies.

Upstream oil & Gas logistics

Integrated shipping, logistics and marine solutions It takes a lot to keep the oil and gas industry running smoothly and efficiently – MADURO SHIPPING has the experience, resources, coverage and expertise to do just that. Whether you’re an operator, a surveyor, a driller or an EPC company, we understand your core needs to deliver

One partner, total service

You need on-time delivery of materials from vendor to rig floor and then back again? Think MADURO SHIPPING and our seamless visible supply chain solutions. Or perhaps you’re looking for a professional supplier to take care of Purchase Order (PO) management, collection and transport, packing/ crating, freight services, warehousing, customs clearance and delivery? Again, think MADURO’s Group of Companies. We also provide agency services for rigs and vessels, arrange charters, provide bunker fuels and provisions, quayside assistance and waste management solutions – all in a single unique customized package. Whatever your upstream supply chain requirements, you only need MADURO SHIPPING as your ABS Islands strategic partner.

Highest performance, safety & compliance standards

Our operations are in full adherence with the Group’s strict compliance and ethics policies – underpinned by the MADURO Code of Ethics and zero incidents policies. The Group’s reach provides security through one company control, ensuring strict quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) and compliance implementation throughout the entire project.

Integrated supply chain management

Planning, commissioning and management of supply bases

Procurement management

Warehouse and inventory management

Open Bonded warehouse for spares storage

Equipment rental and workshop supplies

Track and trace

Freight services

Air and sea freight including heavy lifts and charters

HazMat handling

Packing and crating

Customs clearance

Local transportation

Agency & marine services

Offshore agency

Statutory clearances

Meet and greet

Visa and accommodation

Crew changes

Provisions and bunker fuels

Supply boats, tugs and barges


Waste disposal

Temporary office space/telecoms

Agency & marine services

Collection and disposal of hazardous materials

Industrial cleaning


Hull cleaning


Highest performance safety and compliancy standards

Ethics and compliance The MADURO Group is committed to quality, safety, compliance, honesty and transparency in everything we do. Our operations are in full compliance with the Group’s strict compliance and ethics policies – underpinned by the MADURO Code of Ethics. The Group provides security through one company control, ensuring strict quality, HSSE and compliance implementation throughout the project life. Commitment, flexibility and experience are central to the MADURO approach to every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of an Engineering / Procurement / Contracting (EPC) contract.


Benefit from our strong market relationships, trusted suppliers and reliable information providing your bunkers’ focal point for nominations and deliveries ex-pipe or offshore Aruba and Curaҫao.

Curaçao offers excellent bunker refueling facilities for a large variety of vessels at various wharves in the Port of Willemstad and outside the main harbor. Curoil N.V., the local distribution company, has developed and invested over the years in its infrastructure in order to make it a full service bunker facility. Projects included the renovation and expansion of their sophisticated control center, the construction of two barges for bunkering purposes, a blending system that complies to specific product requirements and can blend viscosities on request up to 30 cst with specifications that comply with RMG or RME.

Curoil also installed underground pipelines of approximately two kilometers connecting the tanks at the Motet Wharf to the Mega Pier and invested in oil spill recovery equipment as part of the environmental plan. The ex-pipe discharge rates vary between 350 to 400 metric tons per hour for fuel oil and between 200 and 400 metric tons per hour for diesel oil. At the Mega Pier the discharge rate for both gasoil and diesel oil are 150 cubic tons per hour.

Mega Pier Cruise Terminal:

The Mega Pier Cruise facility is located just 200 meters to the west of the St. Anna Bay inlet. The T-shaped pier extends approximately 100 meters into the sea. It is connected by underground pipelines to the main bunkering depot at the Motet Wharf in Willemstad. It was primarily constructed to accommodate the newest generation of mega cruise ships. Because of their size, these ships cannot pass under the Queen Juliana Bridge which spans the harbor. This pier can also accommodate other types of vessels up to 200,000 GT, and larger ones on request. However, the pier is also used to attract “bunker only” business, as it provides a safe berth outside the harbor, thus combining the benefits of safe ex-pipe deliveries with swift and low cost operations.

The main advantages of bunkering at the Mega Cruise Terminal are:

Ex-pipe availability hassle free

Ex-pipe bunker water availability without risk of contamination (high quality water)

Unlimited quantities available

Availability of all fuel grades

Marine fuel oil (MFO)

Regular and low vanadium grades

Marine Gasoil (MGO)

Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)

Marine lubricants

Competitive calling tariff

Opportunity for vessel to take on other items (spares, provisions, etc.) while bunkering

High pumping rates can be attained: swift operation, thereby reducing vessel “down time”

Otrobanda Wharves:

The Otrobanda wharves located in the St. Anna Bay harbor, en route to the Refinery, the Dry-Dock and the Container Terminal, hold an elaborate bunkering network, enabling bunker deliveries at seven berths. These facilities are primarily dedicated to cruise and general cargo vessels. However, tankers and other vessels calling for bunkers-only are regularly serviced at this location as well. All fuel grades, as well as the customary year round 24 hours a day service delivery, are offered. Service excludes overtime charges. Marine Gasoil (MGO) and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), regular and low vanadium grade and also two grades of Industrial Fuel Oil (IFO) are supplied by ex-pipe.

Emmastad (Isla Refinery facilities):

Ex-pipe bunkering facilities are available at the refinery in Emmastad at eight of the ten jetties. Tankers working cargo can bunker concurrent cargo operations within the sheltered refinery area. Vessels calling for bunkers-only can also be accommodated at the refinery on special request. Available grades are Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), marine fuel oil (MFO), and industrial fuel oil (IFO). MGO and Low vanadium fuel are supplied by barge. The refinery can accommodate tankers of up to 100,000 dwt and the max draft is 13.71m.

Bullen Bay facilities:

Bunkering can be supplied at the Bullen Bay facilities. Marine diesel oil, intermediate fuel oil and marine fuel oil are available by ex-pipe at five of the six berths. Delivery of marine gasoil and/or low vanadium fuel can be arranged by barge upon special request. At Bullen Bay, there are virtually no restrictions on vessel dimensions or bunker volumes. This area can offer attractive bunkers’ only option for big tankers, by offering substantial discounts off the fuel prices and a low calling cost packages.

Barges in port:

In the Schottegat Bay, a small 64m barge is used to deliver Marine Gasoil at the container terminal, the Isla Refinery and the Curaçao Drydock Company.

Tanker off port:

Off port operations now cover the territorial waters of the Dutch Kingdom’s Leeward Islands in front of the Venezuelan coast, supplying all kinds of vessels with a full range of fuels and lubricants from a 6,854dwt double-hulled tanker.

Water deliveries:

Fresh water for drinking and use in boilers is available day and night in sufficient quantities at all wharves in Willemstad. The fresh and chemically pure water is distilled from sea water by one of the largest distillation plants in the world. Fresh water can also be delivered alongside by means of water barges. Two water barges, one of 100 tons and one of 40 tons, are available. The rate of delivery depends on the quantity required and how many barges can simultaneously deliver water to the vessel. It also depends on the amount of connection on board of the vessel and the height above water to be lifted.

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