Liner Demurrage and Detention Free Time and Charges

*Demurrage & Detention Free Time and Charges for all Trades except for cargo originating from/destined to US ports and points via US ports.


Demurrage charges are applied for storage of laden containers whilst in Carrier’s care in a port or container terminal. Demurrage is applied after a designated free time.


Detention charges are applied for the storage or holding of containers whilst in our customers’ care outside a port or container terminal. Detention is applied after a designated free time.

On behave of container lines represented by S.E.L. Maduro & Sons (Curacao) N.V. container demurrage and detention is applied on liner owned containers.

The charges are as outlined in the table and notes below.

Curacao Demurrage as of 01/jan/2008
Free time
Calendar days
DRY/HC Reefers
DRY/HC Special Eq. Reefers
20’ 40’ 20’ 40’ 20’ 40’
Hamburg SUD 10 4 $55 $75 $70 $100 $90 $120
CSAV 7 4 $50 $70 $50 $70 $100 $150
ZIM 7 2 $50 $70 $60 $70 $100 $100

DRY = standard and high cubes, includes 45’foot.

SPECIAL = Flat Racks, Open Tops, Collapsible Flat Racks, Artificial Tween Decks, Tank.

Free time is INCLUSIVE of date of return empty in port of discharge.

Net free time is EXCLUSIVE of public holidays.

Chargeable Days are inclusive of public holidays.

Demurrage/Detention Free time and Charges are calculated for entire period from date of discharge of the full container up until the date of return of the empty container.

Demurrage charges will be collected at the time of collection of Delivery Order

Detention charges will be billed to you at a later date, i.e., upon confirmation of return of the empty container.

If detention charges are not settled, within 7 days of billing, these will need to be settled prior the release of a future shipment if any and we reserve the right to legal action.

Containers need to be return by 4:00 p.m (16:00 hrs) to CPS container yard.

All container liners calling Curacao apply liner container demurrage and detention fees after surpassing the allowed free time. The permissible free time varies from the used shipping line and charged amounts starting from US$ 50 depending on used shipping lines. For more info please contact our office at

Liner companies reserve the right to charge a deposit prior release of cargo and which deposit will be refunded upon return of empty containers.